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Processing Solutions

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Our Service

Licensing Agreements

Hemp cultivation IP license agreement, 100% product off-take agreement.

Supply Contracts

Genetics, feeds and materials, misc. supplies.

Pre-Engineered Structure

Concrete foundation, building infrastructure, security, building permits.

Staff Training

Science team, grow team, labour.

hemp harvest

About Us

We provide a fully-serviced, turnkey solution for the development and management of micro-cultivation cannabis sites. MicroC45 is strategically partnered with top industry experts that utilize proven operating procedures and processes, this mitigates fulfilment risk and eliminates the “learning curve cost” of a new participant.

“First mover advantage” investment opportunities in the cannabis sector are rarely seen in 2019, and the MicroC45 management team feels that Micro investors should realize significant returns.

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Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Giving back to our community is important to us and our customer base, and the unique way we grow cannabis helps enable us to do so:

  • When our fish become too large for the environment, we give them to local homeless shelters, with over 100,000 meals served to date.
  • Aquaponics produces 10 times the crop yield per acre and uses
    90% less water than conventional farming.
  • Our cannabis is grown using low-impact solutions at our facility, and we implement sustainable measures across every part of our company.
  • The fish we give to charity amounts to a significant tax write-off, and everybody wins!

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